About us


Bodybuildingkit have loved selling Otomix boots, well-known for their quality, comfort, and functionality for decades.
This is why we now have now created a brand new website dedicated to the Otomix brand.

As an accredited International Distributor and now awarded a Brand Registry Agent role in UK and EUROPE, we have created a new fully functional website dedicated to the Otomix lifestyle.
Our range continues to grow alongside our reputation for great customer service.
Sizes run true and for our overseas customers, it should be noted that American sizes are one number higher than the UK
equivalent. ie UK10 = US11

The journey so far!

At Bodybuildingkit.co.uk, we wanted to be a part of the Otomix movement, from the start.
That is why Don Mc Duff, creator and founder of bodybuildingkit, began this long and lasting journey always contemplating the values of firmness, quality and optimal customer service.